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"I have been shopping at Restyle Resale since it opened.  And, quite frankly, it seems I get everything I need.  Their seasonal fashions are right on target, the store is beautiful and I feel like I'm shopping at an expensive boutique.  Sandy and the girls have a fashion sense that help me pick out clothing, shoes and accessories that look great.  I love Restyle and hope to shop there forever!"
Kathy Peterson, Cleveland

"I love shopping at Restyle Resale.  The quality and presentation of their clothing & accessories line and furniture & housewares is far superior to comparable consignment stores in the area.  Owner, Sandy and her team are both friendly and professional.  They readily give their knowledgeable advice and help.  I've not only found a great new place to shop, but also a great new group of friends.  Shopping at Restyle is more like shopping at a local boutique than your typical consignment store."
Jennifer Garczynski, Strongsville
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